Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Finally a Driftwood Mirror

Click images to enlarge!

Yes.. I finally finished one of my long standing projects.. ! This one was a difficult one...but I was a trooper and never gave up.. though at times.. the thought did cross my mind! Not only was it like a huge wood puzzle...but the trips to the beach here were MANY to find just the right piece of wood to fit...First you have to clean and disinfect the wood..make sure no little bugs are setting house in the wood..let it dry.. than the layering begins!! Exactly 3 layers .. first one is the larger pieces of driftwood screwed on the the base.. a vintage glass mirror frame... then the second layer are the puzzle pieces of the medium ones , that interlock between each other.. those are screwed or nailed in depending on the size of the wood.. Then.. the last layer are the small decorative pieces which are carefully glued on top....I was really pleased with how it came out... took it and hung it on the mantle at the shop..The pictures really do not do it justice...I have already in 3 days 2 customers that have measured , photographed it see if it can go in special place in their home...! I am beyond happy! Not only that I finished it.. AND that it has been so appreciated! Now on to the next one! Have a great Day!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Well..finally posting...I have a new name and look for this blog...lots of new furniture finds
and jewelry coming to the shop and will be posted soon! I promise..the shop is full of new and exciting changes..we are working on expanding on the coastal theme and I am adding new
fun jewelry..I posted on my other blog jujubescoastalcottage.
the reason for my disappearance...but things are slowing down and I am going to be back
doing what I love to do......looking for treasures..posting what we find in the shop, and making all my new jewelry..I also am in the process of setting up my ETSY lots of new and exciting changes coming my way!
I have added a sneak view of the new look in the shop..more to come! Have a great day!