Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rainy Day Projects

Well I bought some vintage bottles and I have been trying my hand at embellishing them..I found these glass like phrases to apply which I thought were simple but cute
My favorite bottle is the aqua bottle with lace and shells.. the purple is my wild child..I never really work with purple but decided to be adventurous :-)Next I will try my hand at using more lace and buttons and music paper or vintage pictures and cards!.I am having fun with many possiblities to be creative..

Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Blue Spring Window!

Well I have been busy lately fixing and fussing over my Sewing room..
check out my post Jujubescoastal,
I have not been feeling very creative when my work room was in total upheaval !
Not finding what you need..can put a damper on your best laid plans ...but I think I am actually getting to a good start now with my room! Anyways I did get a chance to score some fabulous Linens in a thrift shop this week and some old vintage bottles!
I did manage one project..which I really was very happy with the results.. I went to Paso Robles and visited Sandi at " The Cottage" and found this fabulous paper...which reminded me of a vintage window I had saved in a soft blue.!.so I decoupaged the paper and it just came out so cute.. I want to keep it! I also bought the cutest clock knobs that I have a special project in mind for ..( for a future post) All in all not a bad week...!