Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Blue Spring Window!

Well I have been busy lately fixing and fussing over my Sewing room..
check out my post Jujubescoastal,
I have not been feeling very creative when my work room was in total upheaval !
Not finding what you need..can put a damper on your best laid plans ...but I think I am actually getting to a good start now with my room! Anyways I did get a chance to score some fabulous Linens in a thrift shop this week and some old vintage bottles!
I did manage one project..which I really was very happy with the results.. I went to Paso Robles and visited Sandi at " The Cottage" and found this fabulous paper...which reminded me of a vintage window I had saved in a soft blue.!.so I decoupaged the paper and it just came out so cute.. I want to keep it! I also bought the cutest clock knobs that I have a special project in mind for ..( for a future post) All in all not a bad week...!


  1. Hi Marlene! I love the window.....very pretty paper. And, what I can see from your sewing room, it is looking very frilly and very pretty! Happy organizing!

  2. oh, i love love love the window and that fantastic paper! makes me all homesick for all the fun my girls and i had every weekend in louisiana going out to the flea markets etc - and love your guest/sewing room! gorgeous!

  3. Love it!!!! The paper, the colors, the textures. It's truly a sweet piece. Aunt Leda would have loved it and would have wanted it in her bar!

  4. Marlene, that really turned out fantastic !!!
    Love your new blog. Thanks for stopping by the store, it was good to see you in "person"

  5. this is such a gorgeous piece! I am going to miss my current studio area when we move into our new place in a few weeks...will have to relocate it into a basement (although it has big daylight windows) seeing your guest/sewing room for inspiration! :)