Thursday, May 27, 2010

Seaside Cottage in Cambria

Well..I finally am Posting on his blog...even with all the best intentions to keep this blog as a record of all my creative endeavors..and my booth...I found myself in a waiting mode..waiting to see what path I was going to take since a change was definitely on the horizon for me.....and then..the Seaside Cottage a beautiful shop in our small coastal town crossed my path unexpectedly! I have decided to sell my jewelry and the cottage furniture and accessories there that I love to collect..and so far I am very excited for this new beginning...Here are some pictures of the shop and some of my current pieces of jewelry and cream furniture...Enjoy!


  1. Looks fabulous!!!!!!!!Good luck:)
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  2. oh, how absolutely beautiful these pieces - each and every one of them! i love the seaside cottage shop - would that i lived a tad closer, i would be there with a sack lunch every day, just browsing and browsing in all these gorgeous things from yesteryear - beautiful photos, too - love your jewelry pieces!!! very nice post, marlene!!! beautiful!

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous! And what a charming little shop ~ love it all!

  4. Beautiful Marlene. I'll have to get by there one day to admire it in person. Take care, hugs, Riki

  5. what a wonderful shop full of gorgeous treasures! thank you for sharing the inspirational photo!